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People's Lobby is the non-profit 501c4  corporate  sponsor of the citizen-initiated American World Service Corps congressional proposals.

People's Lobby Inc. was founded by two of America's most astute and dedicated political crusaders, Edwin & Joyce Koupal. They were extraordinary public citizens, un-intimidated by politicians or the political process. Because of them, California passed the Political Reform Act of 1974 with 70% of the vote and established the Fair Political Practice Commission to ride herd over big money and lobbyists in California politics.

They taught their brigade of working "mules" a well grounded American tenet that revolved around:

"Final responsibility rests with the people.  Therefore, never is final authority delegated."

"This country runs on laws.  If you want to change the country, change its laws.  If you want to run the country, write its laws."

At the five day 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy‘s July 31, 2010 evening reception, Ralph Nader was the featured speaker.  The last question Ralph answered during the Citizens in Charge reception before saying goodnight was:

"In the 70s, you referred to People’s Lobby as the best grassroots organization in the nation.    Why did you say that and what ingredients do you believe People's Lobby had that may be needed or missing today?”

Ralph then spent several minutes giving glowing tribute to Edwin and Joyce Koupal's People's Lobby.  Paraphrasing Ralph, he said …

“People's Lobby was the most powerful social organizing movement I have seen post World War II… 

“The Koupal's People's Lobby could organize an initiative almost at will… 

“They were opening the Colorado office to push their national initiative idea… 

“At this Global Conference on Direct Democracy, you should be studying their little blue book (Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary by Dwayne Hunn and Doris Ober) and committing the details of that book to your efforts…


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