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How to help

Nader's Top Ten Reads for 2009 lists PLI's Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary 



Buy AWSC apparel 

Buy apparel that advertises America's World Service Corps.


Election Questionnaire.pdf 8-2010 

Election Questionnaire.doc 8-2010

Addresses Boxer, Feinstein, Woolsey.

Key contact... media, political, etc.

Purchase AWSC & Rubelia memorabilia



Pulvers to Colbert



need for AWSC



Donate to PLI or PLEF  now and help fund our October 2013 Carter Habitat for Humanity Build in Oakland or New York.  Your donations will be used to cover the $3,000 - $6,000 cost.


Make tax deductible donations  to Peoples Lobby Education Foundation, a registered 501c3 charitable tax exempt non-profit.
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Send tax deductible "Check" donations to People Lobby's Education Foundation, 359 Jean St., Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Make non-tax deductible donations  to Peoples Lobby  Inc (PLI) , a registered 501c4 social welfare non-profit.

Bcome a People's Lobby supporter at the $50.00 level and, at your request,  we will send you PLI's book that Ralph Nader puts in his list of Top Ten reads for 2009.

Support People's Lobby at $100, and we will send two books.

Paypal logo link coming...


Send non-tax deductible checks to "People's Lobby" 359 Jean St., Mill Valley, CA 94941     or  c/o

Treasurer John Sutter  100 Thorndale Dr. Unit 250, San Rafael, CA 94903.

You may also donate to People's Lobby's 501(c)3 and (c)4 at Dwayne Hunn's Facebook Page.

More info about Carter Habitat 2013 Build

Can also help with...


Grant writers, fundraisers, satellite offices...

Contingent fee attorney to help us recover People's Lobby loans made to former Senator Mike Gravel's organizations.

Legal & public policy interns, administrative volunteers, virtual offices, bloggers, writers...

Speaking opportunities...

Contact your representatives... send them your version of  this letter...Running for Congress?

Sign the Petition

Win fresh supporters

Open a virtual AWSC People's Lobby Office

Call Radio Talk Shows 

 Pay for a WSC newspaper ad in your area

Helpful tools:

Template resolution endorsing the AWSC - cost war,etc.


Send your version to your public servants


Key contacts


Senate addresses

House  Representatives addresses

PL Education Foundation 501(c)(3) for tax deductible donations

 Support summary mailer

Template Support letter

Printable Petition supporting World Service Corps Proposal


Template letter from which to write your own letter.  

Congressional address links available in the template letter.


AWSC Phamphlets: 

Initial AWSC Brochure page 1

gif extensoion


Initial WSC Brochure page 2

gif. extension


Initial AWSC brochure

Word publisher


Make friends...

Word Publisher


"It's the economy..."

Economics of WSC, cost efficiencies

Also in normal print here.

Copy College New Leaders Support Resolution

Buy WSC t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs, etc. 


Dated info:

Congresswoman Woolsey  2010 became  "too busy" to help introduce PLI's AWSC Congressional Proposal in the 111th Congress... Thank her...Urge her to find the time for one of her staffers to help for a few hours a week.. Get your reps to cosponsor...

 Working to get the AWSC Congressional Proposal introduced is not as much fun as doing the service the AWSC would dramatically expand.  To add in-field experience to PLI and PLEF's efforts, I am about to do another Habitat Build in Ethiopia.  You can help fund the trip with a tax deductible check donation to People's Lobby's Education Foundation (359 Jean St. Mill Valley, CA 94941). Thanks.  We need financial help.


As Stephanie Banas of a Brazil Habitat Build says:

"Global Village trips are a wonderful way to experience Habitat's mission at its very center.  Giving sweat and time toward the goals of the host affiliate provides a sense of "Habitatitis" surpassing anything we might catch while sitting at a desk."